Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Red Vein Borneo (Indo)

I ordered 10 grams of Borneo Red Vein. Sometimes people call it Red Vein Indo. It does come from Indonesia.

So when it arrived via USPS I was a little surprised because the powder was fine but very, very dark. I'm used to a tan or off-brownish powders.
I prepared the 10 grams to be washed down with some white grapefruit juice. The Kratom had to be spoonfed to me by a friend because this has to be the nastiest Kratom I tried. I had to hold my nose closed while it being shoved in my mouth.

Taste 3/10

Though right after I got it down and drank a big glass of 100% white grapefruit juice I was noticing slight effects, a little buzz already? Wow.

About an our after ingestion I was definitely feeling opiate-like effects at work. Total relaxation and in a good mood.

Another hour into it and the Kratom has kicked into overdrive. I'm chain smoking cigarettes and there was non stop conversation. Mostly because I could not shut up if my life depended on it. Most likely the opiate/stimulant properties of Kratom were the cause :)

Either 30 minutes to an hour the effects start to slowly wear off. Though still smoking like crazy and talking (too much)

Effects 8/10
Duration 7/10
Mood enhancement 9/10
Opiate & Pain killing 10/10

4 hours after ingestion I was back at baseline. Still in a good mood or well being of sorts. Just happy.
Hands down the most potent Kratom I've had. Haven't tried the indo red vein from the Borneo forests in Indonesia? You need to if you haven't and your a Kratom lover.
Thanks J.C.!  I can't wait for another review.  Thoughts anyone?  Leave them in the comments below.

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  1. I've tried malay and thai. Liked the malay much better i'd say the thai is mild maylay can be pretty strong I notice especially when I take it early in the morning with no food but I heard indo is the most popular around where I live. Just got some will let you guys know what I think.